Best Local Cable Television Personalities (2001)

David Jones and Gary Polland

The unlikely triad of David Jones, Gloria Gonzalez Roemer and Gary Polland presents the only real weekly political talk show in town, Politics Unplugged. Jones is a veteran criminal defense attorney and Democratic activist who used to host his own cable show. Roemer, who produces Politics Unplugged, formerly chaired the Bush-Quayle campaign in Colorado in 1992 after unsuccessfully running for U.S. Congress against Democratic incumbent Pat Schroeder. Polland is the chair of the Harris County Republican Party. Together, the two conservatives often appear to verbally beat the pulp out of liberal Jones, who doesn't seem to mind, and likes being outnumbered. Says Jones, "That means when I score points it's even more significant because I've been outgunned." Call it the Custer at the Little Big Horn rationale. In July, City Councilmember Carroll Robinson literally crashed the telecast midway through the show. "He came walking in like he was going to sit down, so we invited him and gave him a microphone," laughs Jones. "From then on it was 'Carroll for mayor,' and that's all we talked about." Adds Roemer, "It's the kind of show where these elected officials feel very comfortable that they can come and speak their mind, and that's rare and unique." The threesome is gearing up for the coming elections, and hopes to have face-offs between the candidates in all the major races, even the top spot.


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