Best New Houston Oddity (2001)

Museum of the Weird

This is a city that doesn't use the term "oddity" lightly. There's a pretty high hurdle you've got to jump before you can be mentioned in the same breath as the Orange Show, the Art Car Museum or the Beer Can House. So when the mind behind "scar art," Dolan Smith, had the gall to call his new project Museum of the Weird, we were a bit skeptical. Have no fear. A quick glance at the place is all you need to see that Smith's work abounds in weirdness. The "museum," in actuality, is Smith's home, which displays a lot of Smith's oft-banned artwork and strange creations. There are hair sculptures, a tire Christmas tree, an army tank and a champagne baptismal. There's even an in-service pet crematorium around back. What it doesn't have is normal hours of operation. To see it, you've got to call Smith for a personal tour.


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