On Sundays, some people go to church. But who says church has to mean uncomfortable pews, a minister and communion wafers? Couldn't it also be a back room, Grady Gaines and a cold bottle of Schlitz? We say yes, it can. If you agree, then there is no better place to worship than the Third Ward institution that is Etta's Lounge. When local legends and Sunday-night regulars Grady Gaines and his Texas Upsetters take the stage for a long night of blues and soul, dancing is practically required. It only costs $3 to get in (c'mon, we know you usually have to put more than that in the collection plate), and the beer is cheap and cold. But the best thing about Etta's? The crowd. Well-dressed, older African-American regulars and young UH kids of every color mix easily together in a friendly, laid-back setting. Hey, we're not knocking kneelers and pulpits. We're just asking you to consider coming to St. Etta's this Sunday night. Now can we get an "amen"?

Location Details

5120 Scott St.
Houston TX 77004


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