Best Place to Watch Totally Nude Men (2001)

Key West, Theater New West

Theater New West's production of Key West provided one of the cheapest getaway romps of the summer. All about love and sex and naked men flouncing their privates about the stage, this silly show rippled with breezy laughs and utterly gorgeous flesh. Jack George as the young, lovely and Swedish Per spent long, languid minutes during the first act lounging on a deck chair and showing off his buck-naked, bronzed backside. When he stood up, the proper Montrose audience did all they could to keep from catcalling the stage. Erik Soliz, as a handsome, roller-skating, half-naked maid named Pinky, sped hilariously through the performance at the most inopportune moments, showing off all that peeked out from beneath his ruffled apron, for that was all he wore. Together these two delicious men provided the most eye-pleasing laughs of the year.


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