Best Radio Commentary (2001)

Marta Glass, The Prison Show, KPFT/90.1 FM

Speaking up for Texas convicts is a thankless task, but Marta Glass takes it on with a righteousness that more often than not achieves a certain eloquence. Glass was (and is) a volunteer in charge of prison issues for the ACLU's Houston chapter -- she still gets 25 to 30 letters a day from inmates -- when she did an on-air interview with Prison Show host Ray Hill. At Glass's suggestion, he offered her a regular spot on the program. "Her anger is remarkable," Hill says. "She is actually as mad as she says she is." For a self-described human rights "fanatic," Glass's approach is unremarkable, if not exactly mainstream: She believes prisoners are human beings whose needs are worthy of consideration. These days, their biggest complaint is inadequate medical care, which explains why Glass's weekly editorial addresses the subject regularly. "It's their show," she says. "I'm talking to them about what they care about."


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