Best Spectacle (2001)


Who doesn't like songs about poo? Slump banks on the fact that everybody does. Penises too. Also: yeast infections, anal sex and hamsters. Keith Reynolds and Cathy Power have created a cult of personality around their Slump shows, which usually involve three chords on a guitar and lots of words your mother told you were not meant for polite conversation. Whether it's their lively Christmas pageants (audience members played games for porn tapes and butt plugs) or their spirited sing-alongs ("Life sure does suck it / It's hell in a bucket!"), Slump is nothing but perverted fun. But don't get us wrong. Just because they sing songs about Santa Claus's erection doesn't mean Slump is all naughty. In fact, there's something strangely alluring about a Slump show. Maybe it's the way it appeals to the twisted inner child in all of us. Either that, or the free butt plugs.


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