Best Greasy Spoon (2001)

Alice's Diner

For 25 years Alice Lee and her family members have been running this little diner, which sits across Loop 610 from Meyerland Plaza. It's a little place, a place that's easy to miss in its nondescript strip mall. The booths are old and lumpy, the decorations fittingly cheesy. Numerous photos of burgers in different place settings grace the wall. No one comes here for the food, which is -- well, it's just food. People come here because it's around the corner. It's the kind of place that possesses a lively smoking section because why else would anyone come here except to smoke and drink coffee and read the paper? It's a funny place. Cantonese-speaking Chinese-Americans dish out eggs and toast, cheeseburgers or fried rice to mostly Anglo blue-collar customers in an area that is becoming increasingly gentrified. Amid all the changes, Alice gives a hearty "Good morning" to each day's familiar faces.


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