This bustling little Mexican seafood shop-turned-restaurant near the Farmer's Market serves some of the best red snapper in the city. There isn't any question about whether you're being served real Gulf snapper or how fresh it is, because here you walk up to the seafood counter and pick out the fish yourself. They weigh it and then grill it to order, along with fresh shrimp, scallops or anything else you want. Don't miss the seafood cocktails, parfait glasses full of fresh shrimp, octopus, calamari and other briny treats in Mexican cocktail sauce -- a combination of citrus juice, ketchup and chiles. Cold Mexican beers and tequila shots are the favored beverages here, but muy macho hombres drink micheladas. A michelada is a shot of hot sauce and lime juice in the bottom of a frosted beer mug -- you pour in the beer of your choice to create a drink that makes you thirstier with every sip.

Location Details

2115 Airline
Houston TX 77009


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