Best Bike Path (2001)

West White Oak Bayou Trail

Would you believe Houston has more than 200 miles of bikeways? Well, it's true. And the West White Oak Bayou Trail comprises five of the best. Just a year old, the 12-foot-wide concrete path follows its namesake bayou from T.C. Jester at 11th Street in the Heights up to Pinemont, north of Loop 610. Plenty wide and plenty smooth, on a recent holiday morning the trail was sprinkled with families and singles on ten-speeds, Rollerblades, with strollers and on foot. You don't need to be Lance Armstrong out here; just dust off your old beater and join the folks enjoying the virtually uninterrupted ribbon of pavement, complete with bike/ped bridges and special underpasses. And if you dig it as much as we did, you'll be thrilled to learn that the White Oak Bayou Trail is just a small part of a planned bikeway network for Houston that will consist of bike lanes, shared bike routes and hike/bike trails, which we hope will encourage people to get out of their cars and take traveling into their own hands. Or rather, their own feet.


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