Chris Wolfe has been at the original Berryhill Hot Tamales for the last four and a half years. New patrons hear his singsong "Hi, I'm Chris, what can I get you?" then are amazed as the sandy-haired, all-American boy rattles off instructions in Spanish to the kitchen staff while filling a drink order a regular hasn't even asked for yet. He makes juggling the tiny bar and Mexican eatery look easy, even on a clear night when 50 or 60 folks fill the outdoor tables and line up for takeout. If you've been in more than twice, Chris knows your name and what you drink. If you're a regular, he knows where you live and who you live with. Heck, he probably even knows your shoe size. This one you can trust to order for you and tell you whether the queso's any good today. Tip heavily. Now that he's got his college degree, he may get a day job.

Location Details

2639 Revere
Houston TX 77098


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