Best Dancer/Choreographer/Social Advocate (2002)

Jane Weiner

The level of local contemporary dance rose several notches when Jane Weiner came to town in 1997. She brought with her ten years of dancing with Doug Elkins's company and gave generously of her art and talent. She danced, she taught, she networked with other artists. She created her own company, Hope Stone, to perform original works of her own. Somehow, in between all that, she also helped care for her sister, Susan, who was recovering from breast cancer. Then the two of them started Pink Ribbons: Dancers in Motion Against Breast Cancer. They put the fun back in fund-raising, throwing galas at the Wortham Theater Center with fabulous dancers and fairy-tale decorations. Thus far, they've raised a half-million dollars for breast cancer awareness, testing and treatment. Art and saving lives: It's all in a day's work for Weiner.


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