Best Film Series (2002)

Angelika Film Center's "Sensational Cinema"

For most movies, you might as well wait till they come out on videotape. Goldmember's scatological jokes are just as hilarious at home, and Harrison Ford's Russian accent in K-19 sounds equally fake on DVD. But some films merit a trip to the movie theater. Ironically, the films that are worth the discriminating viewer's time share one of two fates: The picture has been displaced from the box office for years by the time it receives notoriety, or the film gets so little press it's gone before you know it ever arrived. But the Angelika Film Center has devised a way out of this dilemma with its "Sensational Cinema" series, which aims to screen cult movies, cinematic masterpieces and overlooked gems. Since the program's inception in January, the Angelika has featured Manhattan, Annie Hall, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Shaft, Master of the Flying Guillotine, Borstal Boy, Taxi Driver and A Clockwork Orange, among dozens of other classics and niche movies. So raise a toast with your Coke and popcorn to the Angelika for returning some excellent films to the big screen for one more go.


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