Best Independent B Movie Made in Houston (2002)

Deadly Words

Although this low-budget debut from filmmaker A.B. Harris boasts a cast that includes the cream of Houston's African-American poetry talent (Angie G., Black Snow, Tosha Terry, Black Poet), the real star of the show isn't even human. During a hot and heavy orgy scene nearly four minutes into the film, a goat shows up out of nowhere and mingles with the fornicating day players. Now that alone makes this movie worthy of your attention. But when it screened earlier this year at the second annual Houston Multicultural Independent Film Festival, many poets lashed out at the movie, about a cocky, envied poet (played by local spoken-word artist Seven) who gets murdered during a poetry contest. Local versifiers argued the picture poorly represents the local poetry scene. But it's not supposed to be a representation of Houston's poetic environment; it's just a grade-B whodunit that looks more like the silliest episode of New York Undercover ever made. Besides, how could you possibly take seriously a movie where a goat steals the show? A bit of trivia: Originally, a horse and a pig were also supposed to be in the scene, but the horse couldn't get in the elevator and the pig started freaking out. Guess the goat has been in a situation like that before.


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