Best Installation (2002)

Slumber House

What can you do with a flood-damaged bungalow? Mold remediation, schmold remediation. Turn some artists loose in it. Slumber House, organized by Poissant Gallery, transformed a decrepit, mildewed structure into an installation-art venue filled with work by ten artists. Jewel Baird Gleeson transformed the pink tile bathroom into the scene of a crime, or at least a mental breakdown, with clumps of hair littering the floor and towels stained with a toss-up between blood and hair color. Overhead, a woman's leg dangled out of an upper cabinet as she banged on the ceiling. In the living room -- a.k.a. Paul Horn's Haunted Room -- plastic skeletons dangled from the ceiling and a hole gaped in the floor, which was littered with indigenous and imported debris. Other rooms presented everything from a simulated office to a boxing ring filled with sheer punching bags. The overall effect was freewheeling, quirky and dank -- an art event ideally suited to the Bayou City.


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