Best Movie Shot on Location (2002)

Going Independent

Pearl Harbor wasn't even in the running, and though VH1's Warning: Parental Advisory had a certain kitsch value, we had to go with this charming little independent flick. Rob Gladstone and Jason Fischer were working at the same brokerage firm, but deep down they wanted to make movies. So, with a measly $50,000 in hand, they teamed up with starving actress Dionne Jones and made a film about a broker named Fischer who really wants to make movies. The film got accepted into WorldFest, where audiences appreciated the irony, despite the low production values. As an interesting aside, before making the film, Fischer had worked as a trader at three consecutive firms, all of which closed down due to investigations by the SEC. When he joined the fourth, the largest and most prestigious in the country, he thought he had finally found stability. That company turned out to be Enron. He should have plenty of material for movie no. 2.


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