Best New Microcinema (2002)

Independent Exposure

Houston has already gotten some national attention in the realm of microcinema for possessing the eccentric little converted church known as Aurora Picture Show. Another well-known outlet for independent short films, Independent Exposure, has held screenings all over the United States and across the globe. (One event was held in a gunpowder factory in Belgrade one week before the NATO bombing.) The only cities fortunate enough to have regular monthly screenings are San Francisco and Houston, the full-time homes of founder Joel Bacher and operator Patrick Kwiatkowski. They've found an appropriately interesting enough venue in a fire station-turned-art gallery/theater. Kwiatkowski wisely makes each showing not just a viewing of some unique film shorts from international filmmakers but a party where people can mingle for some time afterward, complete with open bar. It's a welcome addition to Houston's film scene.


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