Best Nightlife Idea that Should Come Back (2002)

Beauty Bar Houston

Sure, they ripped off the name, idea and even the marketing plan from a New York-based nightclub chain that sets up clubs inside old beauty shops, but the beautiful ones over at Tifosi Beauty & Day Spa couldn't pass up the chance to bring this kind of unorthodox hobnobbing to Houston. By day, Tifosi was just another spa located next to an Arby's. But on Saturday nights, the spa transformed itself into Beauty Bar Houston, where customers could get their hair and nails done while getting sloshed on margaritas, sampling appetizers from Mo Mong and listening to DJ Lushus Brown on the makeshift patio. Unfortunately, the bar part of the spa was open for only a few weeks. Reportedly, both the TABC and the Texas Cosmetology Commission felt the salon-saloon combo was not such a beautiful idea. But the folks over at Tifosi say they may find a way for the Beauty Bar to make a comeback in the fall. It should -- it was one of the few places in town where you could get hammered and still come out looking good.


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