Best Nude Scene (2002)

Karen Finely in Shut Up and Love Me

When beautiful badass Karen Finely came to town, theatergoers lined up at the door for a ticket to Theater LaB to see the woman that British tabloids have called "the high priestess of pornography." It was clear that some of the lone men who stood in the moonlight waiting to see the show were not your average theater fans. Once they got hold of their programs, they clutched them tight, in sweaty palms, eagerly looking around with grins on their twitching faces. Of course, it makes perfect sense that Finely would attract the odd weirdo here and there. She became famous by getting naked and making Jesse Helms mad for being so darned "obscene." But while the Theater LaB production of Shut Up and Love Me featured a very naked Finely slathering herself with pitchers of golden honey, the show hardly seemed obscene. Mostly, it was funny. The feminist, who rails against the way women are objectified, riffed on everything from incest to bad art. In the end, though, there she was, in all her naked glory, honey dripping down her belly and sliding down her lovely thighs. Every freak in the place went home happy.


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