Best Tea Time (2002)


When the artist Weihong attended openings for her gallery shows, she noticed that patrons seemed more interested in the philosophy behind her work than the actual art. So she put together an interactive show where people could sit down and discuss Chinese philosophy with her over tea. The gallery was divided into white and black areas, and guests were asked to show up dressed in neutrals. They sat at a black-and-white table, and drank from black-and-white cups, and, well, talked with Weihong about the yin and the yang. Guests then had their photos taken and posted on the Internet (one participant appears in black underwear, and the mug of the ubiquitous Carolyn Farb can also be found on the Web site), and the tea leaves were dried out and added to a glass display case for the end of the show. In the end, 143 people took her up on the offer to have a one-on-one with the artist. No doubt all of them learned, as Weihong says, that tea tastes better with company.


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