Best Electrolysis Practioner (2002)

Dr. Esta Kronberg

Those Aussies who make Nads are big dirty liars. No, Crocodile Dundee, we do not like putting Nads on our face, our hairy back, or anywhere. It hurts. Dear Lord, it hurts. That's why we turn to electrolysis's technologically advanced younger sister, laser hair removal, and to the bedside manner of Dr. Esta Kronberg. Her staff takes all the time needed to answer every question and soothe every anxiety. And that's without an appointment even. Sure, it doesn't come cheap. At $800 a treatment (about five sessions in total) for a guy with a Robin Williams-like back, it's not for everybody. In some cases, such as unusual hair growth, which may signify a potential hormone problem, an arrangement can be made through insurance. The treatments are significantly shorter than having those electrified tweezers poke at you, with a total removal lasting only half an hour. There are cases where some fuzz will grow back, but a few follow-ups will fix that. Does it hurt? Somewhat. Painless hair removal is apocryphal. We'd like to believe it exists. Laser removal burns a bit, but the good doctor will give you some ointment to ease the pain.

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