Best Chiropractor (2002)

Kenneth Lester, Kirby Health and Wellness

The beautiful people stroll regularly through Kenneth Lester's door, perhaps because of his reputation, perhaps because of his location, in the Page Parkes building in River Oaks. But while Lester is appropriately fabulous, there is substance to his style. For years the med student-turned-triathlete-turned-chiropractor has been breaking his back to mend those of his eclectic mix of patients. His facility, which he shares with partner Elizabeth Baker, features the standard chiropractic wares as well as his brand of total-body wellness, so it's not surprising to overhear the good doctor berating executives about their expanding waistlines or late-night desserts. Lester dispels the stereotype of "med school flunky" by offering unsolicited dissertations on muscle function, flexibility and stress control. His casual bedside manner is refreshing, too; he chats about music and good lunch spots while fluidly readjusting a patient's spinal column. To hear first the "aarrgh" then the "aahhhh" is a guilty pleasure -- until it's your turn.


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