Don't let yourself be overly distracted by the incredibly good selection of produce, vinegars and bulk beans. The real bargains are way in the back, where the growers have the discount stuff fresh off the trucks. Get red peppers for a buck a pound, jalapeos for pennies, and some really tasty tomatoes without that nasty waxy stuff you get in the grocery store. Inside, among myriad other items, you'll find excellent eggs. Any chef will tell you that the henfruit at this market contains less water than what you find at the supermarket. You like eggs Benedict? An egg from the farmers market is a lot easier to poach than a store-bought one. Your scrambled eggs will be runny no more. Hooray! Stop on your way out for a pound of the cheapest and best cashews in the city. The tamales they sell at front stand are delicious, too.

Location Details

2520 Airline
Houston TX 77009


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