Best Laundromat (2002)

Graustark Laundry

Maybe it's the goofy messages posted on the sign ("We Make Good Scents," for example). Or perhaps it's the odd collection of celebrities painted on the front of the building (David Letterman, Tom Hanks, Jerry Seinfeld and Roseanne -- you figure it out). Maybe it's the cheesy rock stations permanently tuned in, continuously playing the lamest yet greatest '70s and '80s rock tunes ("Meet you all the way! Rosaaaaaaannnaaa!") Either way, this wash 'n' fold/Laundromat is an endearing, hidden gem, tucked under Highway 59 in the Museum District. If you want to do your own laundry, there's a convenience store next door so you can revive yourself with sodas and Pop-Tarts while you wait. Graustark has a thick selection of old magazines to read while you snack and wait for the spin cycle to finish. If you want to drop off your dirty things, the longtime staff will do their best to remember your name. And they have a remarkably quick turnaround time -- must be that upbeat music they work to.


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