Best Place to Bike (2002)

North and South boulevards through the Broadacres neighborhood

In a town as hot and biker-unfriendly as Houston, it seems almost pointless to purchase a two-wheeler. But once you check out this beautiful, highbrow Museum District neighborhood, you'll be apt to change your mind. The wide-open, well-paved streets are practically covered with a roof of oak trees. Plus, if you're riding slowly enough, you'll get your fair share of bird-watching in too. Worried about getting run over by an angry commuter? Don't be. There are more bikers, joggers and walkers than there are vehicles, so you won't have to do too much dodging. The best part of the ride? Gawking at the monstrous houses and getting a taste of how the other half lives. You know, the half that never has to bike anywhere because they've got drivers.


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