Best Place to Shoot Up (2002)

Survival Games of Texas

When you just have to shoot someone, this little forest hideaway is the safest way to go. Just inside Beltway 8, these woods are still secluded enough that crews have used them to film the wilderness scenes for Blind Fury and Born on the Fourth of July. It also happens to be the oldest field in Houston and second oldest in Texas. This outfit hosts regular open games of Capture the Flag in the "Vietnam field," with wooden huts and an actual train boxcar, and rounds of Storm the Castle through plywood two-story buildings. The 24-hour campaigns and "speedball" field -- designed for point-blank battles -- are not for the faint of heart. Company outings? Bachelor parties? Not a problem at Survival Games, but it'll take some ingenuity to work the strippers into the story line.


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