Best Sports Broadcaster (2002)

Mark Berman, KRIV, Channel 26

Channel 26, KRIVWhen it comes to breaking sports news in Houston, few folks do it better than Channel 26's Mark Berman. There's more than a bit of truth to that ad the station runs showing rivals watching Fox's 9 p.m. news to see what they'll need to catch up on before 10 p.m. Sure, he sometimes gets a little breathless over being the first to report minutiae, but in the wack world of sports these days, who's to say what's minutiae and what isn't? Berman is the antithesis of -- and the antidote to, for that matter -- the blow-dried types getting by with a few inane quips as they narrate tired highlights. He won't win any beauty contests, but Berman won't be outworked, either.


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