Best Texan (2002)

Tony Boselli

There is no position more unsung in major professional sports than that of the offensive lineman, so let us sing the praises of one: Tony Boselli. The first player drafted by the Texans in their expansion draft, Boselli is, of course, huge; he's six foot seven and 320 pounds. He's also good; he's been picked for the Pro Bowl five times in an eight-year career with the Jacksonville Jaguars. At age 30, he's likely got enough good years in him to see the Texans make it out of patsy status. And he brings a bit more to the table: For the past seven years he and his wife, Angi, have headed the Boselli Foundation, which has funded scholarships, educational programs and other benefits for disadvantaged youths. A foundation spokesperson says the group's headquarters will be moving to Houston, and the Bosellis will decide how best to help here.


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