Best Art Show (2003)

Dario Robleto, "Roses in the Hospital/Men Are the New Women"

When The New York Times nominates you to win a Nobel Prize and be first lady -- in the same sentence! -- you know you've got something going on. But New York's just finding out what Texas art lovers have known for quite a while: San Antonio's Dario Robleto is one of the smartest young artists at work today. In this timely, double-barreled show -- the second part opened just days before the United States invaded Iraq -- Robleto raised, with his meticulously constructed, narrative-rich sculptures, timeless questions about the stupidity and horror of war. The show offered, if not answering (who could?), at least different contexts in which to think about the questions. And Robleto's sculptures lingered in the mind long after the show was over.


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