Best Bartender (2003)

Mike Hildebrand

After the legendary Junior Brown made his exit from the stage at the Continental Club recently, the patrons at the crowded nightspot were greeted with a shock. Out of nowhere came a tall, curly-haired young man who leapt on stage and began to dance like a monkey. "Woo-hoo!" he hollered at the top of his lungs, "Woo-hoo, Junior Brown! Woo-hoo!" Getting over their surprise, the revelers began to follow the man's lead in pushing for an encore, which Brown heartily delivered. This monkey-mimicking free spirit is our pick for best bartender. Not only does Mike remember regulars' names and their favorite drinks, which he delivers with a congenial goofball grin, his lively personality and signature "Woo-hoo!" make him a bartender you won't forget the next morning -- even if you wake up hungover from too many of his drinks.


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