Best Blues Club (2003)

Miss Ann's Playpen

Sadly, this is a posthumous award -- Miss Ann's shut its doors early this summer. But, boy, was it fun while it lasted. We remember being asked to sit in with Sherman Robertson and politely declining because, well, we can't play a lick. We remember seeing I.J. Gosey tear the roof off the place back in 2000. We remember the $1-in-a-paper-bag lotteries and the free soul food buffets. We remember the obscure but talented locals blowing our minds from the stage. We remember the sterling house band. We remember seeing Joe "Guitar" Hughes give what was perhaps his last local performance there this spring. We remember owner Bobby Lewis singing "Old Time Rock and Roll" at the end of every Blue Monday. So long, Miss Ann's, and thanks for the memories. No one else could soothe our soul quite the way you could.


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