Best Brewpub (2003)

Two Rows Restaurant & Brewery

It wasn't too long ago that Houston was awash in brewpubs. There was the Rock Bottom Brewery, the Village Brewery, the Bank Draft and the Houston Brewery. One by one, they all went overboard, leaving the craft-brew aficionados almost dry. Thankfully, there's still Two Rows Restaurant and Brewery to quench our thirsts. Head brewmaster Ian Larsen has been handcrafting awesome ales since 1997. Larsen's current offerings range from the blondes through the ambers and browns to the pitch-black stout ales. He also brews some spectacularly refreshing specialty ales like Uncle Red's Raspberry and Memphis Belle Blueberry. Before you turn your up nose at fruit-infused ales, you should be aware that these concoctions have a long tradition going all the way back to the Middle Ages. Let's hope that these brewskies can help revive Houston's fledgling brewpub industry, and we'll never have to worry again about whether it tastes great or is less filling.


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