Best Club for Your Grandparents and/or Grandchildren (2003)

Pe-Te's Cajun Barbecue

This funky and authentic slice of Cajun country offers a great time to both the Geritol and Flintstones Chewables sets. Every Saturday afternoon for the last 20 years, Pe-Te's has morphed from a Cajun barbecue stand to a whirling zydeco dance hall. The Saturday dances start at two and last until six -- perfect for those for whom the nighttime is not the right time. Owner Pe-Te Johnson keeps it dark inside, though, to give the illusion that it's dark outside, and the music is loud enough to be heard but not earsplitting. Patrons range in age from nine to 90 and every skin color from pink to ebony, and all of them dance with each other. Sometimes even the bands have members from as many as three generations. The gumbo and 'cue are delicious, as are the ice-cold Dixies.


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