Best Comedian (2003)

Chingo Bling

If anyone else in the world tried to do what Chingo Bling does, it wouldn't work. But he's got the shtick down pat. This comedic genius has taken the Latino hip-hop community by storm and is sure to cross over to the mainstream. When Chingo strolls on stage wearing his ostrich boots with the pimped-out Nike swoosh, tight black jeans, a Virgin Mary shirt, a black cowboy hat, plenty of platinum chains and a belt buckle bigger than a Spanish Flower chimichanga, you can't help but laugh before the guy even opens his mouth. He's like the Weird Al of hip-hop, reworking popular rap tunes into tales of getting rich in the tamale game, rolling with his pet rooster (which he does generally bring with him to his gigs) and dodging la migre. His underground mix CDs sell from here to Seattle and all points in between, and his debut full-length, What Did He Said?, will be out before year's end.


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