Best Graffiti Artist (2003)


His whereabouts these days are unknown, but take a walk or a drive down any one of Houston's center-city streets or freeways, and you're bound to see some of his work. Possibly the most "up" graffiti writer in Houston, NEXT took over this city for a couple of good years, leaving our cops perplexed and other taggers in the dust. Many a warehouse party and underground gathering has been broken up by police in search of this guy called NEXT, but he's always escaped the long arm of the law. Some say he's laying low outside the city for a while until the heat goes down. But this is Texas, and the heat never goes down, so for a graffiti artist of his stature, moving on down the railroad track to another burg might not be a bad idea. Till then we'll still chuckle every time we see his tag at the top of a freeway exit sign or at the bottom end of a bus stop pole.


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