Best Hip-hop Radio Show (2003)

Vinyl Frontier

Dennis Lee's radio show, which broadcasts every Tuesday night out of the student center at Rice University, is three hours of unadulterated hip-hop ecstasy. Lee scours the earth looking for undiscovered hip-hop finds, and it's amazing how he can fill a three-hour show with nothing but unsuckable music. We're serious -- the man's tracks never blow. On any given installment, the steady stream of bullshit-free sounds can range from the cream of the crop (De La, Mos Def, OutKast) to the fringe of the underground (Madlib, Afrobatik, Styles of Beyond) to some commercial stuff here and there (a Neptunes-produced heater has been known to make an appearance). Lee will graduate from Rice soon, but thankfully he's planning to stick around a little longer at Vinyl Frontier.


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