Best Retro DJ (2003)

DJ Mod Scott

Picture this: You're hanging out at a bar, guzzling down some cheap beers, getting just wasted enough to enjoy yourself. And then, the DJ plays a song -- not just any song, but a song that wakes you up, a song that makes you question everything you've ever known, a song that makes you stand up and testify, like someone at Sunday mass after a night of fornicating. That's what it feels like when DJ Mod Scott plays, say, a long-lost version of "All I Do Is Think About You," performed by Tammi Terrell and written by Stevie Wonder. A new and much-needed addition to Houston's DJ community, Scott is an avid collector of rare mid-20th-century soul, pop and reggae, and spends some of his nocturnal time playing his treasures at clubs and gatherings. Scott plays at Helios (411 Westheimer, 713-526-4648) on Tuesday nights, so head over there listen while he makes you realize that happiness is just one Stevie Wonder-penned song away.


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