Best Rock and Roll Theater (2003)

A Soap Opera

In 1975, Dave Hickey wrote in The Village Voice that A Soap Opera, created by Kinks star Ray Davies, was one of "only two really successful rock theatricals." Judging by Infernal Bridegroom Productions' performance of the rock classic last November, A Soap Opera hasn't lost anything to the passing years. The wild performers of IBP made the story about a tortured everyman hauling his hind end through the drudgery of middle-class life as relevant today as it was in 1975. And Cary Winscott's Starmaker, complete with white polyester suit, silver lamé cape and big rock star sunglasses, was hysterical. Backed by the rangy music coming from the IBP band (led by Anthony Barilla), Winscott carried the day in one of the funniest and hippest shows of the season.


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