Best T-Shirt Designer (2003)

B-Boy Craig

It's his "Corporate Hip Hop Sux" shirt that has been known to start confrontations -- not because of its blunt statement emblazoned in six three-letter rows, but because everyone wants to say they were the first to wear it. Like an Astros throwback jersey, the "Corporate Hip Hop Sux" shirt is an article of clothing that causes heads to do double takes and tongues to wag. The following is an actual overheard exchange: "I was the first to buy that shirt!" "Oh, yeah, well I was the first to think about buying that shirt, so there!" B-Boy Craig (also known as BBC) has many other shirts up for grabs, which he sells mostly at rap concerts and hip-hop club nights put on by fellow Reprogram Music clique members (Ceeplus, Samplistik, Witnes). E-mail the designer at to see where he'll be selling his shit-starting wardrobe next.


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