Best Local Cable TV Personalities (2003)

Dez and Van of TakeOver TV

They might not be the funniest guys on Houston Media Source. They're probably not the most devoutly religious. And they're definitely not the craziest cats to ever produce a public access show. But Dez and Van have filled a giant void in the Houston hip-hop community. They work like flies on the wall, observing all the heavy happenings within the Houston urban music scene. From parties with Beyoncé's little sister Solange to late-night studio sessions with underground newcomers such as Danja Ray, if it's happening in Houston, Dez and Van are probably there to document it. Their work ethic is what makes the show so special -- these guys don't just throw together a bunch of videos with some footage of themselves being silly. Dez and Van go where the news cameras generally don't, and get the stories behind what makes Houston such a vibrant hip-hop city.


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