Best Vegetarian Indian Buffet (2003)

Bombay Sweets & Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

In the Indian community, Bombay Sweets is known for its huge candy case and elaborate selection of chaat, the popular Bombay snacks made with crunchy stuff that tastes like breakfast cereal. For everyone else, the buffet is the main attraction. Try the awesome chickpea curry called chana masala and the spicy fire-roasted eggplant stew called bengan bhurta. Lots of other dishes rotate in and out of the lineup. Don't miss the velvety miniature stuffed eggplant fried in chickpea batter and served in a spicy tomato ginger sauce when it's available or the kadhi pakora, with crusty graham flour dumplings that look like chunks of meat floating in a yogurt-based yellow curry. In truth you can hardly go wrong with any of the featured dishes.

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