Best Place to Buy Cheap Shoes (2003)

Phil's Shoes

There are two different types of shoppers. There are people who shop because there are things that they need; for instance, they need a pair of khaki pants to go with their boring white button-down shirt. Then there are people who shop for the thrill, the joy, the adventure, the hunt. If you're a can-you-get-this-in-my-size kind of shopper, this is not the store for you. But if you like Easter egg hunts, come on in for a huge selection of brand-new dirt-cheap shoes. Phil's is a big depressing warehouse-style space that looks like it might be filled with lots of depressing no-name shoes. But at this clearance store for Rack Room Shoes, there's buried treasure: stylish Nine West boots, wicked-cool BCBG heels and super-comfy Aerosoles. (Be careful, though. Some of the shoes are knock-offs with sneaky names; on first glance, Jammin' New York looks like Jones New York.) And it seems that Phil is always sweetening the pot: First the sale will be half off the lowest clearance price. Then, he'll add a third pair of shoes for a penny. On our most recent trip, the sign said 80 percent off the lowest price. God bless Phil, whoever he is.


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