Best Chance for a Championship (2003)

Develop a Major League Soccer team

No offense to the Rockets, the Astros, the Texans or the Aeros, but we think Houston is a soccer town. Our vast suburbs are filled with soccer fields packed to the gills with people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds kicking the fútbol around. Every other minivan has one of those cheesy soccer ball stickers proclaiming that, yes, the driver is indeed a soccer mom (and chances are, her kids could lead us to an MLS Cup victory if given half a chance). And instead of building yet another new stadium, an MLS franchise team could put the Astrodome to good use and save it from the wrecking ball. But most important, Houston is an international city, with numerous Latin American, African and Asian residents who would love to show the gringos of our city a thing or two about how a ball is properly bent.


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