Best Color Commentator (2003)

Jim Deshaies

The best managers in baseball are those who made the worst players. That's because they had to work harder, to try more things to succeed. It's easier for them to teach the game because they understand the struggles. This holds true for color commentators as well. Jim Deshaies survived in the big leagues on guile. And it's this guile, along with an out-of-left-field wit, that puts him head and shoulders above the rest in the broadcast booth. Why did the pitcher throw that pitch on three-and-one? Deshaies will not only tell you how the pitcher got to that point, but he'll also call attention to how the fielders positioned themselves because of the selected pitch. Jim Deshaies's star didn't shine bright on the Major League diamond, but that's turned out to be to his benefit -- and ours.


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