Best Fans (2003)

Houston Aeros

There's just something about a woman in a hockey jersey grabbing a big beer in one hand and slamming the sideline glass with the other as she screams for someone, anyone, to beat the pulp out of some visiting glamour-puss center. But even if there weren't, there'd still be something special about Houston Aeros fans. Maybe it's because the Aeros play a sport most Houstonians rank up there with team handball; maybe it's because they're a minor-league franchise and therefore offer family-friendly prices, but the thousands of dedicated Aeroheads are definitely a fun and fanatic bunch. (Speaking of prices, an Aeros game will be the cheapest way to get a glimpse of the new downtown arena.) They definitely know their stuff, which is likely more than you'll be able to say about the wine-swilling corporate types who'll occasionally take in a business-expense game if Houston lands an NHL franchise. Not to mention the Aeros' active fan club, the Tailgunners, which sponsors charity events and even "Feed the Team" dinners.


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