Best New Golf Course (2003)

Wildcat Golf Course

The two golf courses at Wildcat are the only ones in the city with real hills. Not only does the terrain provide an interesting test of a golfer's skills, the hilltops also afford spectacular views of nearby Reliant Stadium and the Houston skyline. But it's the reason that Wildcat boasts the highest elevations in Harris County that makes it special: It's built on a former landfill site. Landfills used to be fenced off and forgotten once they were full. There were few ways to reuse the land without disturbing the buried waste. Wildcat is an example of a new trend in "brownfield" reclamation. Here, and at some 70 other former landfill sites around the country, innovative golf course builders have turned what were once ugly, fenced-off wastelands into profitable and attractive green spaces.


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