Ruthie's Place Don't let the modernist tin exterior fool you -- inside the red door of this funky joint there beats the heart of a real dive. Amusements are minimal -- sure, there's a large-screen TV, a well-stocked jukebox and a pool table, but the main attraction is the unpretentious (read: "heavy on the cheap domestic") beer, which is dished out from the circular bar that dominates the room. The walls in the men's room are festooned with pinups from Maxim and other lad mags. But none of that is what makes this the best dive bar in town. That would be the conversation. On a recent visit, one crusty old regular was regaling all who would listen about the much younger lady he had picked up earlier that week: the one who rolled him while he slept off a bender. Now that's dive-bar fodder if we've ever heard it.


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