Club Tropicana You can hear the salsa pumping from almost a block away. Inside, Club Tropicana is chock-full of attractive patrons. The salsa, merengue and bachata (the spicy music from the Dominican Republic) throb compliments of perennial local stars Mi Rumba. DJ Salserin, who's getting props around town for his mad salsa spinning, accents Mi Rumba's tunes on Fridays. It's almost painful to watch the short skirts and sculpted calves spinning on the dance floor. Need a dance crash course? Arrive early and take a salsa class before the crowd shows up. Or, just buy a bottle of Herradura, spark up a Macanudo and kick back in the lounge and watch guapo guys ogle the gorgeous Latinas who flock to the restrooms to reapply, refresh and repeat.

Location Details

3222 Fondren
Houston TX 77063


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