Best Place to Buy a Musical Instrument (2004)

Rockin Robin Rockin Robin is H-town's best place to buy any musical instrument, but don't take our word for it. Ask the steady stream of millionaire musicians who have slipped in unannounced to buy cool stuff ever since it opened in 1972, or just to sit in the corner and wail away on guitar, as Stevie Ray Vaughan used to do, and Billy Gibbons still does. This year's visitors included Jack White and Cheap Trick's Rick Nelson, who plunked down the plastic for two Les Paul guitars. If you buy a six-string here, you can get it souped up by the store's top-notch techs. And upstairs at the studio, you can take lessons from former Spin Doctors bassist Mark White or other cool local musicians. All that aside, any music store that also sells surfboards is okay with us.


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