Best Court Ruling (2004)

Lawrence v. Texas You know the story: Two guys are bonking and a cop goes to the wrong house, walks in on them and arrests them because it's illegal in Texas to do the naughty that way, if you happen to have matching parts. Well, not anymore. Bonk away, Houston homos, because Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal wouldn't back down and took it all the way to the Supreme Court, where the justices passed the following decree: "Yeah, sure, it's okay, go ahead and bonk your eyes out." Problem is, Justice Antonin Scalia subsequently cried foul and is now convinced the entire homosexual agenda will be passed -- including same-sex marriage -- unless the U.S. Constitution is amended to prevent it. Lawrence v. Texas started a revolution that's nowhere near being won, but at least consensual sex between adults is legal now. And that alone is a landmark ruling for equal rights.

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