Best Criminal Defense Attorney (2004)

Michael Ramsey Rest assured that one grand Houston legacy lives on -- that of the wise, witty, sharp, comfortable and confident criminal defense attorney. Percy Foreman and Richard "Racehorse" Haynes set the standard decades ago, and the next generation's Dick DeGuerin, Rusty Hardin and others have gone on to garner their own national recognition. That's especially true of Michael Ramsey, who started out defending his own father, former county commissioner V.V. "Red" Ramsey, against bribery charges. A protégé of Racehorse Haynes himself, Ramsey has enjoyed several recent successes, including the high-profile acquittal of bookie Robert Angleton, who was charged with having his wife murdered (that verdict so enraged prosecutors that they're gunning for him on the federal front). And the Ramsey-DeGuerin-Chip Lewis tag team turned the state's slam-dunk case against Robert Durst (the cross-dressing real estate heir who hacked up his Galveston neighbor) into shambles. Now Enron's Key Lay has his money riding on Ramsey's excellence. However badly Enron turned out, you can bet the house that Ramsey is one wise investment for anybody accused of a crime.

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